COMBIGESTAL PLUS guarantees an adequate supply of vitamins and mineral salt for increased performance requirements and in case of deficiencies due to feeding and stabling. Just a few ml per day increase motivation and the resistance to infectious diseases.
COMBIGESTAL is made on the basis of black molasses, brewer's yeast and plant extracts and contains the best combination and dosage of valuable vitamins, minerals and trace Elements.


Instant-Mash is a particularly tasty, natural strengthening and detoxifying diet for horses. The added ingredients benefit convalescing or exhausted horses and stimulates the appetite. INSTANT mash - To stimulate appetite during convalescence or in states of exhaustion.
Anyone who has the best interests of his horse at heart should add INSTANT mash to the feed. Fed lukewarm once or twice a week - it does the horse good, particularly in the winter and when the horse changes it coat.

Linseed Concentrate

Linseed Concentrate


Natural linseed plus herbs plus vitamin E.

Valuable and important for a healthy, shiny coat and with a positive effect on digestion.

Micronized (infrared treated) flaxseed with a high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids and important Proteins.