Skin Care & Regeneration

Skin Care

Equiskin Balance

Care of the skin for horses.

The best possible care for the horse's afflicted skin - and for summer eczema.
Restores the skin‘s natural moisture and balance. Calms, stabilises and is antiseborrhoic.



NEW! With organic petroleum jelly made of rapeseed and wheat - free of components made of mineral oil.

The care of saddles, itching ot the tail area, muzzle and jaw.



For tendon, muscle and body care for horses. For overworked and tired muscles, after competitions and intensive exertion.
No equestrians like having their pleasure in their sport diminished. Certainly not from a ligament or muscle injury.


Aluminium oxide and arnica paste containing minerals.
Pack for tendons, ligaments, muscles and joints.
Supports the regeneration process after over-exertion, straining, bruising etc.
The natural ingredients penetrate deeply to mobilise, activate and regenerate.


with MSM*
Care and cleaning for the sensitive area around the eyes.
EYE CARE is care and cleaning for the sensitive area around the eyes. When regularly used HORSE fitform EYE CARE prevents irritation from dust and dirt etc.