Skin & hoef

Biotin 2.0 Mio

BIOTIN is a vitamin (H) which participates in a number of metoblism processes which play a responsible role particularly in the development of hoof cornes and the quality of the hair coat.
Zinc is a substance contained in phosphatese and dehydrase which is necessary both in the development and regeneration of the cornea and hair cells. A sufficient supply of BIOTIN and zinc clearly helps to avoid hair and hoof problems and cracks.

Linseed Oil Plus

Supplementary feed for horses

Linseed oil is cold-pressed so none of the important nutrients are lost.
Natural linseed oil can be easily added to feed - just pour over the concentrated rations. Is rich in linol and linoleic acids. Strengthens and loosens the mu- scles. Is beneficial to the metabolism and digestion.



Feeding supplement - Micronised, free of prussic acid

Provides a shiny coat and has a high content of non-saturated fatty acids and protein. In addition linseed extract has a positive effect on the bowels and the mucous membranes of the intestines.
Echinacea and meadow herbs encourage the production of enzymes by the stomach glands so that food is digested better.