Sporty Spray

For the improvement of the tigh position and seat - high degree of friction resistance.

Instructions for use:
Prior to mounting, spray Sporty Spray onto the inner side of the bootlegs and onto the saddle flaps and seat. This will result in a high degree of friction resistance and therefore in a more comfortable thigh position, a better seat and thus improved coordination with your horse.



Ensures a firm leg position.
Special wax and resin components connect the boot and saddle flap - more safety. Greater suction for riding boot and saddle.
Instructions: (It is helpful to apply Guter Sitz with a screwed up linen rag or similar by gently rubbing it into the riding boots where the boots in a normal leg position have the greatest contact with the saddle.



Perfect cleaning and care of zip fasteners.
Without oil and grease, does not smear, doesn't stain leather or clothing. 


The popular and proven aid to effortlessly and comfortably putting on boots, shoes or when using bell boots. Makes putting on leggings and rubber shoes much easier.
Instructions: Simply spray Talcum Spray into the shoe or top of the boot and allow to dry. Shake well before use.


For tight shoes - for long-lasting comfort.
No more tight shoes and painful toes and heels!
Pharmaka‘s Shoe Stretcher provides relief. Easy to use - long-lasting in its effect.