A blend of meadow herbs for horses.
Nutritious meadow herbs that are essential for a horse’s metabolism.
The disappearance of herbs from our meadows has led to deficiency symptoms of vital feed components that horses require for their metabolism. These effective and essential herbs are now even lacking in hay. - Meadow herb blend fills this gap.
Composition: Stinging nettles, fennel, yarrow, camomile horsetail, dandelion, ribwort, caraway.
Ingredients per kg dry weight: 8% crude ash, 14% crude protein, 2,5% crude fat, 30% crude fibre, 45,5% NfE, 0,3% phosphorus, 0,8% calcium, 0,1% sodium, 0,2% magnesium.
Recommended feeding: 50 g per day per horse with feed.
Added value and variety in feed!





In accordance with ADMR (anti-doping and medication regulations), in Germany this product should not be used within 48 hours of a national Tournament.

Bitte beachten Sie die gültigen nationalen und internationalen Dopingrichtlinien!

Wir empfehlen eine 48-stündige Karenzzeit vor Turnieren einzuhalten.