The original for more than 40 years.
The perfect reward for the horse.

More than 40 years of experience, competence and development pressed into each Lekkerwürfel ...

... that and no less is our goal: to give you and your horse the best.
The LEKKERWÜRFEL is our oldest product but certainly not old hat. Since 1970, we have been constantly monitoring changes both in terms of insights into the feeding of horses as well as of the development of modern, highly effective ingredients in order to find the most carefully balanced and best recipe for your horse.
Our LEKKERWÜRFEL have be continuously developed in this way from 1970 and adapted to the state of research and technology.
Whether it's the balanced vitamin and mineral mixture, the addition of grape seeds to fend off free radicals or of inulin to improve digestion, the use of real fruit and real herbs instead of flavourings and colours or simply the elaborate pressing process which make LEKKER-WÜRFEL a crisp biting and chewing experience for your horse - we want you to be able to give your horse a good reward with a clear conscience.
The application of high pressure and a gentle thermal treatment provide a "natural" preservative for Lekkerwürfel.
Valuable vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids, flours, fruits and other-natural ingredients free of animal raw materials and GMO - a treat - couldn't be more delicious …