A favourite pastime of all flies and other airborne pests is to annoy horses and other animals and to disturb their well-being. They become nervous and agitated because these pests gather around their eyes and nostrils, under their bellies and on their ears where they bite or sting them. If you want to improve the quality of your animals' lives, add Knoblauch plus to their basic fodder every day. Flies and other airborne pests will keep their distance and stay away from your animals. The healthy and other properties of garlic not only apply to humans but to horses as well.



In accordance with ADMR (anti-doping and medication regulations), in Germany this product should not be used within 48 hours of a national Tournament.

Bitte beachten Sie die gültigen nationalen und internationalen Dopingrichtlinien!

Wir empfehlen eine 48-stündige Karenzzeit vor Turnieren einzuhalten.