Vitamin E - selenium - lysine
With selenium in its natural organic form - without the addition of selenium salts!
Improved formula - now with selenium in organic form (from so-called selenium yeast) Vitamin E, selenium and lysine are important for cell metabolism and thus for the performance of the horse. Complaints such as sore muscles, tension in the back and myopathy can often be caused by an insufficient supply of vitamin E/selenium. Horses with high performance requirements are often less able to let themselves go, become less ridable and lose their conditional performance. An optimal supply of vitamin E and selenium improves the "detoxification" of the cells and thus of the muscles.



Supplementary feed for horses.
Composition: dextrose, sodium chloride, glycerine.
Ingredients: 6% crude protein, 8% crude fat, 1% crude fibre, 9% crude ash, 6% HCl-insoluble ash, 0.4% sodium, 5.0% lysine.
Additives per kg: 75,000 mg vitamin E (DL--tocopherol acetate), 40 mg selenium in organic form from saccharomyces cerevisiae (CNCM I-3060, inactivated selenium yeast)
Feeding recommendation: Up to 3 times daily 20 g over the feed or drinking water (1 level measuring spoon is approx. 10 g). Due to its relatively high content of additives compared to complete feeds, this supplementary feed should never exceed 70 g per horse per day or 1% of the daily food ration.