For safe use against flies and insects around the eyes, nostrils and wounds.
The new active ingredient reliably deters flies, ticks and other stinging insects and allows your horse to have a relaxed and undisturbed time in the fields and out riding as well as concentrated sporting pleasures free of flies! You can enjoy your ride!
Ingredients: Natural rape oil, icaridin, tocopheryl acetate, auxiliary compounds, lavendula, alternifolia, perfume.
Contains per 100 g: 5 g icaridin, 0.2 g lavender oil.
Note: Avoid contact with the user‘s and the horse‘ eyes and mucous membranes! On contact with eyes immediately rinse thoroughly with water. Seek medical attention if irritation persists. Insect repellent for animals, liquid preparation. Use biocides safely - always read the instructions for use.