CLAC forte 15


Highly effective insect repellent
CLAC forte 15 works reliably against horseflies - proven to work up to 5 hours against these persistent pests, while sparing and safe to use. Of course, CLAC forte 15 works effectively against flies, mosquitoes, gnats etc.
CLAC forte 15 is an insect repellent for use on animals in a spray liquid preparation.
Application: CLAC forte 15 is simply sprayed onto the skin and worked in against the fur direction with a rag, a brush or a sponge for an optimal penetration of the product into the skin. A possible, initial feeling of stickiness disappears after drying (about 2-3 minutes). To apply CLAC forte 15 near the nostrils or eyes, please NEVER spray directly, but apply first to a cloth (cotton pad or similar) and then rub in up to about 5 cm from the eye / nostrils.
Contains per 100 g: 15 g icaridin.
Other ingredients: water, alcohol denat, emulsifiers, PVP, conditioning substances, perfume.
Note: Do not spray into the eyes or onto mucous membranes. Keep away from children.