BIOTIN forte 2.0 Mio.


BIOTIN is a vitamin (H) which participates in a number of metoblism processes which play a responsible role particularly in the development of hoof cornes and the quality of the hair coat.
Zinc is a substance contained in phosphatese and dehydrase which is necessary both in the development and regeneration of the cornea and hair cells. A sufficient supply of BIOTIN and zinc clearly helps to avoid hair and hoof problems and cracks.
Daily dosis of BIOTIN is clearly reflected in: well-shaped and developed hoofs, strong and hard hoof walls, firm hoof soles, high heels and strong frog, very supple hoofs, good regular growth, good shoe retention.
HORSE fitform BIOTIN-forte is a high quality product in which spray-dried BIOTIN in quickly available form is used with zinc. A high resorption rate makes for effective plasma-bioton concentration during the feed period which should last 6 months.
Supplement feed for horses
Composition: Glucose, sodium chloride
Ingredients: Raw protein 0%, raw grease 0%, raw fibre 0%, raw ash 4%
Added ingredients per kg: BIOTIN 2,000,000 mcg, zinc 6,000 mg (zinc sulphate, monohydrate), selenium 10 mg (sodium selenite)
Recommended feeding: Young horses and ponies 5 g (=1/2 measuring spoon), horses 10 - 20 g, (= 1-2 level measuring spoonfulls) per day over the food or drinking water. Daily use is important. A level measuring spoonful (spoon included) is approx. 10 g.
This food supplement contains a higher level of zinc and selenium than standard foods and should not constitute more than 0.5% of the horse‘s daily rations.