Pharmaka Green - Be green

…… That’s been our policy for years and it will stay that way.



That’s been our policy for years and it will stay that way.


Do you take sugar in your coffee?


The all-new eco-PE packaging is basically sugar.


Eco-PE saves over 2.5 tonnes of CO2 per tonne compared to conventional PE, is 100 % recyclable and even fully recyclable through the plastic recycling process.


Wherever possible and whenever the high-quality ingredients of our products allow it, we are gradually phasing in environmentally-friendly eco-PE packaging.


Not only the packaging can be environmentally friendly….


We are often asked why we do not sell our products such as CLAC, Dermocan or Foxfire together with a sprayer, as almost all our competitors do.




For us sustainability also applies to PHARMAKA’s sprayer.


The PHARMAKA universal sprayer is reusable and does not need to be disposed of when the bottle is empty. In this way, waste can be avoided. With a throughput of up to 200 liters, valuable resources from German quality production can be saved.





Again and again, Pharmaka produces innovations:




Because we want to sell our high-quality products not only in environmentally friendly and appropriate packaging, but also in packaging with the best possible functionality.


Since mid-2018 all our bottles, except for Foxfire®, have been closed by means of a degassing screw top.


The degassing screw top has the following advantages:



  •                  Continuous pressure compensation


  •                  No expansion or collapse of containers


  •                 Absolutely suitable for animal feed packaging



We have refill canisters for all our horse care products available.



For more information please contact our sales manager Ann-Christin Göring.