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Since 1971 - For over 45 years: A Tradition for nature.


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Our company, PHARMAKA GmbH & Co. KG, with its HORSE-fitform® brand, well-known in riding and equestrian circles, has been dedicated for over 45 years to the development and production of holistic and high quality products in the fields of horse nutrition (supplementation), horse care and the care of equestrian accessories (leather goods, textiles etc.).

It has always been the aim of all the company's product development to enable a well-balanced, modern sense of vitality for the horse, and was so long before the concept became popular among German horse owners.

What once began in Mülheim as a small business – in the downstairs rooms and garage of the company's founder, Karl Klösters – with his first brand LEKKERWÜRFEL, culminated in the year 2000 in a state-of-the art production and administration building, which was constructed using organic building materials and awarded the Environmental Prize of North Rhine Westphalia.

PHARMAKA owes its success in nearly every country of the world where horses are kept to its progressive product philosophy. The company does not only reflect the latest scientific findings in modern nutrition and care, but demonstrates beyond that a clear commitment to quality which creates and ensures trust.

Pharmaka attaches particular importance to the fact that there are, wherever possible, only natural ingredients in all its products. Ingredients which can be found on doping lists or which have been genetically modified cannot be found in our product range.

PHARMAKA considers it to be its responsibility to supply products which provide perfect care for the horse as a leisure and sporting partner as well as a friend.

The company has constantly been striving to combine tradition and progress in an ideal way and to introduce onto the market innovative products for all the requirements in horse husbandry using know-how in research, development and production.

The continual further development and improvement of all the products using the latest findings in the respective fields guarantees that PHARMAKA remains competitive in the interest of the horses.
The guiding principle is to perfectly combine tradition and Progress.